Conceptual Cooking

November 14, 2014

“Yogurt is just like really runny cheese.”

The whole tone of this NPR piece is in this vein, but this line takes the cake:

. . . Democrats who suffered under McConnell’s tactics over the past six years might be a little suspicious of Mitch McConnell . . . .

The Democrats have been the majority in the Senate for the last six years.  Mitch McConnell was the minority leader.


BiblenautsA friend of a friend of a friend started drawing a Web comic a couple of months ago.  Biblenauts follows two time-traveling visitors through the stories of the Bible, starting with the first chapter.

The author isn’t exactly an orthodox believer—as his “About” page jokes, “The views and opinions expressed in this comic strip do not necessarily reflect the opinions of God or his affiliates”—but Biblenauts is occasionally both thoughtful and moving.  Here, it contemplates the creation and destruction of the world and the meaning of free will, suffering, and mercy.

Republican Wave shirtsAs discussed here recently, more early voting means more expensive campaigns, more money in politics, more entrenched incumbents, and more uninformed voting.  In Jonah Goldberg’s column last week, he agrees: “Vote Early and Ignorant”

Both political parties were determined to boost turnout among “low-propensity voters,” a euphemism for people who don’t care very much about politics. Naturally, this often means they also don’t know very much about politics. . . .

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lightOne Christian tells his personal story: Zack Locklear, “My Biggest Struggle With Christianity”

One of the beautiful challenges of attending a secular university has been being forced to look at Christianity through a different lens from what I had been used to in the past. . . . Incredulous and skeptical, I eventually wondered into the thick fog of nihilism. When God became unapproachable, life became meaningless; and a person can only live so long like that. . . .

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NPR this week, trying to explain why Republicans beat Democrats so badly in Tuesday’s elections:

People who came out to register their distress with Obama or congressional Democrats — or with any aspect of current reality — were more likely to vote Republican for governor, as well.

Buckeye InstituteI’ve talked to a number of local-government officials in Ohio who are very critical of the state government’s cuts to the state Local Government Fund since Governor Kasich was elected in 2010.  Some of the criticisms are covered in this Columbus Dispatch article, for example.

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