I encourage you to share your thoughts or arguments in the comment section under each blog entry.

As St. Eutychus says, “Play the ball. Not the man.”  (I think a lot of the rest of his comment policy is good advice, too.)  Seriously, I think you should stick to talking about substantive ideas, even if only for totally selfish reasons—if you start insulting people and taking everything personally, it makes you look bad, and makes your arguments sound less reasonable.  See examples.

See also WordPress’s advice on commenting.

Though ideally this will seldom or never come up, I reserve the right to edit or delete any comment.  Comments which I might choose to edit or delete include but are not limited to those that are

  • off topic,
  • insulting other readers,
  • a link rather than a comment, or
  • a poisonous attempt to silence those who disagree with you or to delegitimize dissent from liberalism by demonizing and calling people names.

Any editing or deletion is at my discretion.

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