“It’s impolite to take you out of the running as a mate just for that—so I won’t—but if we were animals in the wild, I might.”

If countries like France won’t allow the concealed carry of firearms, maybe the concealed carry of Americans is the next best way to stop would-be mass shooters.  The Guardian reports:

A heavily armed gunman has opened fire on a high-speed train travelling from Amsterdam to Paris before being overpowered by three US citizens, two of whom were soldiers.

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In Real Clear Politics’ rolling average of national opinion polls, as of August 19th, the most recent day for which data are available, Hillary Clinton has just dipped below 50% support for the Democratic nomination for the first time in the two years they’ve been counting.  The same day, self-professed socialist Bernie Sanders reached 25% for the first time.

RCP 2015-08-19

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Alone Together

In a pair of stories this evening, NPR wonders whether some of the secular left’s remaking of society has been such a good deal for most of us, and starts to sound almost like the church, or Mark Steyn.

From “In Twitter Rant, Tinder Blasts ‘Vanity Fair’ Article On New York Dating Culture”:

Nancy Jo Sales’ article devoted five thousand words to the modern dating culture spawned by Tinder and other similar apps. It wasn’t a pretty picture.

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This kind of retaliation is unbecoming a republic:

Of, by, and for the people?

The federal bureaucracy is a rat’s nest of intractable self-serving careerists.  Clean it out, fire everyone, and start over from scratch.

NPR is running stories on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.  In this story, they interviewed three people who fled New Orleans and aren’t going back.  Two out of the three have moved to among the reddest of red cities—one to Houston, Texas, the other to Salt Lake City, Utah—and couldn’t be happier.  (The third has moved to a small town in Louisiana.)

In Texas, new opportunities, and a new home:

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