Remy has a new video out for Tax Day (riffing on this One Direction song):

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Jonathan Last at the Weekly Standard suggests, “The Campus Left Begins to Implode”.  It may sound too good to be true—or at least premature—but his sources are leftists themselves, three of them, who have started to have second thoughts about the increasingly bullying left-wing culture of American colleges.

First source (“‘Everything is problematic’: My journey into the centre of a dark political world, and how I escaped”):

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Barwick, HeatherVia Wintery Knight (whence title above), a great short piece at the Federalist by Heather Barwick: “Dear Gay Community: Your Kids Are Hurting”

Do you remember that book, “Heather Has Two Mommies”? That was my life. My mom, her partner, and I lived in a cozy little house in the ‘burbs of a very liberal and open-minded area. Her partner treated me as if I was her own daughter. . . .

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Don't worry about me, I'll be fine: These female Marines are going to carry me to safetyIf NPR can’t make it sound good, no one can:

It’s a recent morning out in California’s Mojave Desert, and Marine Lance Cpls. Paula Pineda and Julia Carroll are struggling to pick up and maneuver Carl. He’s a 220-pound dummy, and a stand-in for a wounded Marine.

Carroll’s knees buckle for a moment, but as a dusty wind picks up, the two women pull Carl off their light armored vehicle. They carry him to safety, careful not to let his head drag on the rocky ground.

So that’s something!

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What Women Want

March 14, 2015

No kidding, these and only these two things came in the mail today:

Jailhouse Feminism(1)  Current issue of National Review.  Cover story: “Jailhouse Feminism: What the raging gets right”, Mary Eberstadt.  Excerpt:

Yet listening in on some of the conversation today suggests an explanation other than simple venality. Something else is up out there making female trash talk all the rage — something unexpected, poignant, and, at the same time, awful to behold. It’s the language of bondage and captivity, told by prisoners of the sexual revolution.

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On Morning Edition last week:

LIASSON: That’s right. The Clintons’ family foundation took money from foreign governments while she was secretary of state. Now, most of them were ongoing commitments that had been made before she joined the Obama administration, but one donation — $500,000 from the government of Algeria for Haitian earthquake relief — was made during her tenure. And this has struck many people as a conflict of interest and, again, it revived all the old Clinton tropes — the rules don’t apply to them, they’re blind to appearances of impropriety, conflict of interest, it looks like pay-to-play, and it reminded people of the fundraising scandals of the 1990s.

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I think this is pretty good writing.  The larger piece is about fraternities, but here’s college in one paragraph:

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