Half Empty, Half Full, Runneth Over

November 10, 2014

lightOne Christian tells his personal story: Zack Locklear, “My Biggest Struggle With Christianity”

One of the beautiful challenges of attending a secular university has been being forced to look at Christianity through a different lens from what I had been used to in the past. . . . Incredulous and skeptical, I eventually wondered into the thick fog of nihilism. When God became unapproachable, life became meaningless; and a person can only live so long like that. . . .

. . . How can God love me? How can this truly be? The moment I begin to understand it just a little, I cannot help but feel the desire to fall onto my knees and weep. . . . The hardest question for me was never “how could a good God send people to hell,” but “why would a perfect God let anyone into heaven?” It goes beyond words. It goes beyond understanding.

One Response to “Half Empty, Half Full, Runneth Over”

  1. gentlebenno Says:

    Everybody should have their original young faith assaulted. Only then can it become free-standing on its own merits. It’s why you hear again and again that the most faithful folks in their 50-60s, had horrible trouble with it in their 20-30s. Or at least that’s what I tell myself when I’m walking around in the “fog” he describes.

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