Election Day vs. Election Month

November 11, 2014

Republican Wave shirtsAs discussed here recently, more early voting means more expensive campaigns, more money in politics, more entrenched incumbents, and more uninformed voting.  In Jonah Goldberg’s column last week, he agrees: “Vote Early and Ignorant”

Both political parties were determined to boost turnout among “low-propensity voters,” a euphemism for people who don’t care very much about politics. Naturally, this often means they also don’t know very much about politics. . . .

Now, it’s entirely true that the practice of inflating the stakes of an election was old when Periclean Athens was young, but making it so much easier to vote — over such a long period — exacerbates the problem by giving campaigns a whole month for rolling, targeted demagoguery.

But the good guys still win sometimes!  Quasi-parody T-shirts commemorating last Tuesday’s historic Republican wave election are now up at Cafe Press (some also already available at Zazzle).


One Response to “Election Day vs. Election Month”

  1. Snoodickle Says:

    More entrenched incumbents? More money in politics? More uninformed voters? Weren’t you in favor of Citizens United? I would think you would be in favor of all of those things.

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