fruit cordialMark Steyn remarked this week en passant,

In 2013 I bust up with National Review, for various reasons, some of which I’m not at liberty to disclose but all of which fall broadly under the banner of free speech. I’m very big on that. It’s my core issue.

It’s as perhaps as explicit an acknowledgement as we’re likely to get (from any of the parties involved) that the split was partly over litigation strategy, and partly over the fruit cordial.

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The Republican presidential candidate spoke at Liberty University Monday . . . .

“Two Corinthians, right? Two Corinthians 3:17, that’s the whole ball game,” Trump said, as laughter rippled through the audience, perhaps because most Christians refer to the book as “Second Corinthians.”

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Cruz Hope poster

It’s official, more or less:  Among the current contenders for the Republican presidential nomination, Ted Cruz is the Tea Party candidate.  The Ohio Liberty Coalition makes the case for Cruz, and lists a number of conservative leaders across Ohio who are endorsing him.

“Ted Cruz doesn’t just talk our talk.  He walks our walk, on both social and fiscal issues.”

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Modern American culture is way too quick to sue and waste years of everyone’s life slogging it out in the sluggish court system.  Sometimes even those who make their living from this system agree.

The trial judge in a recent case in West Virginia, on “what is essentially a boundary dispute” that eventually took at least a year and a half of litigation to resolve:

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Concealed-carry laws by state, 1986-2015

I’ve been pleased that the Democrats’ president and presidential candidates keep making an election-year issue of gun control (see discussions from June and July of last year), but it just keeps getting better!

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Kasich should heed his own advice about executive overreach.

In an interview last week, current Ohio governor and presidential candidate John Kasich criticized Obama’s use of executive orders to circumvent Congress:

[Hugh Hewitt]: Now the President spent an hour, and then a bunch of us at CNN spent another hour talking about the President’s executive action on guns. What did you make of that executive action, Governor Kasich?

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