According to some of the things our left-leaning friends are telling each other, wanting to repeal Obamacare is an example of “fascism”.  I suppose America was fascist from 1776 until Obamacare was passed in 2010?  I suppose America has since enjoyed a brief period of being a non-fascist state, 2010 to present?

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To our left-leaning friends currently criticizing Republicans in the House for apparently not having read the bill they just passed, a few thoughts:

1.  I agree with you!  Seriously, to that extent, shame on Republicans in Congress.  “‘I don’t think any individual has read the whole bill,’ Representative Tom Garrett of Virginia said.”  This is no way to run a republic.  We elect these men to represent us; the parliamentary work of crafting and considering bills is literally their job.  Bothering to read the thing is almost literally the least they could do.

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Four Reasons to Vote Today

November 4, 2014

Federal vs. state spending

See below

1: Obamacare

While we work toward electing a better chief executive in 2016, now is a great time to start building a Republican majority in the Senate, both to take such steps as they can in 2015 and to pass a full repeal and replacement of Obamacare in 2017.

National Review has a timely editorial on the subject: “Obamacare: Unpopular as Ever”

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Median VoterNRO’s Jim Geraghty says, “God Save Us from the Loud ‘I’m Staying Home This Year’ Conservatives”.

. . . who will announce they’ll stay home on Election Day as a demonstration of their power.

Because as we all know, you become more influential in politics and government and public life by staying home and doing less.

He goes on.  I don’t completely agree with all of his points, but the main message is a good point, and an important one.  Casting a “protest” or “gesture” vote for a third party, or refusing to participate at all, is half a vote for the greater evil.

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flip-flopsCurrent Cincinnati city councilman Charlie Winburn is running for Ohio state senate in district 9.  District 9 is so Democratic that incumbent Democrat state senator Eric Kearney beat the Republican challenger 68-29 in 2010 (caveat: the districts have been redrawn since then).

The very popular Charlie Winburn is said to be the only Republican who might be able to win this otherwise unwinnable district.  Kearney, reaching the end of his term limit, cannot run for re-election this year; instead, Mr. Winburn faces his former colleague, Democrat former councilman Cecil Thomas.

Both men described themselves as pro-life and pro-marriage in responses to the Cincinnati Right to Life candidate questionnaire earlier this year (read the full PDFs here: Charlie Winburn, Cecil Thomas).  Perhaps on that basis, Cincinnati Right to Life PAC has endorsed both men in this race, while Ohio Right to Life PAC has apparently endorsed only Cecil Thomas.

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Update (November 10th, 2013): See how the candidates did here: “2013 Cincinnati Election Results”


Candidates for City Council
(twenty-one candidates for nine seats on nine-member council)

Amy Murray R G Ch HP S

Charlie Winburn (i) R Ch L P F S

Christopher Smitherman (i) G Ch H B P F S

P. G. Sittenfeld (i) D G Ch B P F T

Kevin Flynn G H B P F

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Judge Winkler has made his decision:  The referendum petition drive will be allowed to continue.  If we get enough signatures in the next few days, the people will get to vote in November on whether to repeal City Council’s “privatization” of city parking meters, lots, and garages.

If you’re a Cincinnati voter and want to sign the petition but haven’t yet, one option will be this Saturday:

. . . 9 AM to 5 PM in Mt. Lookout Square.  We can accept with drive-thru signatures as well as signatures from pedestrians.

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