BiblenautsA friend of a friend of a friend started drawing a Web comic a couple of months ago.  Biblenauts follows two time-traveling visitors through the stories of the Bible, starting with the first chapter.

The author isn’t exactly an orthodox believer—as his “About” page jokes, “The views and opinions expressed in this comic strip do not necessarily reflect the opinions of God or his affiliates”—but Biblenauts is occasionally both thoughtful and moving.  Here, it contemplates the creation and destruction of the world and the meaning of free will, suffering, and mercy.

The comic strip This Modern World by “Tom Tomorrow” is usually pretty liberal (if you’ve never read it, suffice it to say that “Archives are currently closed for repair. / In the meantime,the past few years of TMW can be found at either Daily Kos or The Nation.”) but sometimes also pretty funny.  The current strip pokes fun at “slacktivism” and the NSA, which many from across the spectrum can unite on, and also at the current administration’s prosecution of the war itself, proving that there are some liberals still willing to be anti-war when a Democrat is in office.

This Modern World

(Read the rest of the strip here.)

TruesburyVia Liberty Island, Right-wing Riot has an interesting idea:  Take real Doonesbury strips (the comics written and drawn by liberal great Gary Trudeau for the last half century or so) and replace a fraction of the words with satirical conservative content.  (The replacements are clearly indicated in red text.)

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Fun with Feminism

April 24, 2012

Via Disrupt the Narrative, The Other McCain brings some levity to our sad situation:

If happiness is the problem, feminism is the solution.

Rush Limbaugh calls our attention to two oldies (this transcript from his show last week even includes the lyrics): “The Grooveyard of Forgotten Favorites, Pre-Feminism Edition”.  The first one is Dusty Springfield’s “Wishin’ and Hopin'”, 1963:

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