Trial Judge: Stop Suing over Every Little Thing

January 11, 2016

Modern American culture is way too quick to sue and waste years of everyone’s life slogging it out in the sluggish court system.  Sometimes even those who make their living from this system agree.

The trial judge in a recent case in West Virginia, on “what is essentially a boundary dispute” that eventually took at least a year and a half of litigation to resolve:

The Court sincerely hopes that by it detailing how the parties will use the Westerly Road and where the fence should be that the parties will have no need to further even discuss property matters.  Both parties have used incredible amounts of time, effort, capital and sanity in litigating trivial claims…claims that could have been cordially settled on a back porch in twenty minutes, or at least in mediation years ago.  By relieving the parties of their need to communicate, perhaps this litigation will not be repeated.

Agree? Disagree? Thoughts?

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