Tea Party Voter Guide, 2016 Republican Presidential Primary

January 13, 2016

Cruz Hope poster

It’s official, more or less:  Among the current contenders for the Republican presidential nomination, Ted Cruz is the Tea Party candidate.  The Ohio Liberty Coalition makes the case for Cruz, and lists a number of conservative leaders across Ohio who are endorsing him.

“Ted Cruz doesn’t just talk our talk.  He walks our walk, on both social and fiscal issues.”

Update (January 14th, 2016):  Cruz is also the clear favorite in Ohio Conservatives United’s latest surveys of Tea Party, 9/12, and other liberty groups, winning an outright majority, more than 50% of votes, in more than a ten-candidate field:

OCU December survey data

Update (March 14th, 2016):  It’s official—“Ohio, Florida, and Illinois Conservatives United endorse Ted Cruz”.  See new post.

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