Kasich: ‘Presidents aren’t kings.’

January 10, 2016

Kasich should heed his own advice about executive overreach.

In an interview last week, current Ohio governor and presidential candidate John Kasich criticized Obama’s use of executive orders to circumvent Congress:

[Hugh Hewitt]: Now the President spent an hour, and then a bunch of us at CNN spent another hour talking about the President’s executive action on guns. What did you make of that executive action, Governor Kasich?

[Kasich]: Well, I don’t think he should be using executive authority, doing executive authority when you can’t get something past the legislature. You know, I have executive authority in Ohio. But when I’m going to do an executive order, virtually all the time, I seek out the opinion of the leadership. I don’t want to catch them by surprise, because I’ve got a lot of things I’ve got to get accomplished. I think what the President has done is since he has such poor relations with Congress, he says well, I’ll just ignore Congress. Well, you know, presidents aren’t kings. They’re presidents.

(Link added.)

He didn’t mention that when Ohio’s own legislature became inconvenient for him, Kasich similarly circumvented them, as even the generally pro-Kasich Columbus Dispatch reported at the time:

“Kasich bypasses full legislature in attempt to expand Medicaid”

Having failed to win the approval of the full Republican-controlled legislature, Gov. John Kasich will seek to expand Ohio’s Medicaid program by getting permission from a small spending oversight panel . . . .

Speaking as an Ohioan, I think you can do better than Kasich, America.  We already have one anti-constitution political party; we don’t need two.

2 Responses to “Kasich: ‘Presidents aren’t kings.’”

  1. […] 1 — Kasich was not only one of the Republican governors who disappointingly chose to embrace the Obamacare expansion of Medicaid; he went further, using a little-known and largely unaccountable state budget review board to circumvent the will of the state legislature. This was particularly galling to a lot of us, because the (Republican-controlled) state legislature would probably originally have accepted the Medicaid expansion on its own, but a significant number of activists mounted a serious uphill campaign to persuade legislators that Medicaid expansion was not in the best interests of Ohioans (or of said legislators’ chances of re-election). It was hard, but we succeeded, and the state legislature opted not to expand Medicaid. Kasich undemocratically imposed his will anyway. […]

  2. […] You’ll recall that John Kasich (governor of Ohio 2011-2019) was one of the Republican governors who disappointingly chose to embrace the Obamacare expansion of Medicaid, putting thousands more in government dependency; when Ohio rejected his preferred policy, Kasich circumvented the legislature and imposed his will anyway. […]

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