To Redefine Marriage, Judges Disregard History, Will of the People, Themselves

June 26, 2015

Quin Hillyer at NRO has the first thought on today’s U. S. Supreme Court decision redefining marriage.

There is absolutely no way for Justice Anthony Kennedy to square today’s decision with his ten pages of paeans to states’ authority over marriage in the 2013 case of U.S. v. Windsor. None. The damage done to the Constitution and the rule of law . . . incalculably high.

Update (June 26th, 2015):  I am reminded that according to Maggie Gallagher, Kennedy also said this, albeit not in the context of this case:

On March 7 [2013], Justice Anthony Kennedy, when a library was named in his honor at a Sacramento federal courthouse, made the case that too many moral issues are being referred to the courts:

[“]I think it’s a serious problem. A democracy should not be dependent for its major decisions on what nine unelected people from a narrow legal background have to say,” Justice Kennedy said.

Well put!  But again, no way to square that with what he did today.

5 Responses to “To Redefine Marriage, Judges Disregard History, Will of the People, Themselves”

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  4. What does it matter if one person wants to marry another person of the same biological sex? Marriage is defined as an interpersonal union. There is no “redefining marriage.” Anyone who makes the argument that U.S. Supreme Court is trying to redefine marriage by ruling some bans on same-sex marriage as Unconstitutional is being absurd, since the Dictionary clearly spelled out the definition of the word marriage.

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