Redefinition of Marriage Is a Threat to Religious Liberty

June 26, 2015

At Hot Air, Ed Morrissey has great further discussions of how today’s Supreme Court decision threatens conservatives’ and Christians’ freedom, and what Republicans in Congress are doing about it.

2005: Our marriage won’t affect your rights.

2014: Bake a cake or be destroyed.

2015: We won’t touch your church. Promise. Tee hee.

3 Responses to “Redefinition of Marriage Is a Threat to Religious Liberty”

  1. I’m not some “backwoods, snake- handling, poison drinking fanatic, but was gay since as far back as I recall. This being said SSM is an abomination to God and to believe that just because the Court said, “Go for it!!”, that in Heaven, God has to say, “Shucks, I suppose I will just have to except it now since the court said so.” , is foolishness! HE didn’t need help making the world & will require none to destroy it. The facts, based on what I have obseversed, is that if 400 male couples marry tomorrow, 396 of those will be filling for divorce on Monday. Men are pigs and only fought so diligently for gay marriage is because someone said, “No!”
    I am so thankful that I don’t feel sexual attraction for either gender! GLORY TO GOD! AND before the, ”He has no idea how true attraction works and he is probably a troll!”, people start, here’s a little about what I know: I’ve been with almost every branch of the armed forces, more than a couple of celebrities, several guys out of each of the Abbrev. Agencies, some that guard the PRESIDENT. Guys that many woman would have slit my throat if they thought it would have meant they would have gotten a chance. I’ve had men so perfect that they fit the Golden Ratio with less deviation than Pitt and bodies that regular men dream about having.
    So it’s not like this is coming from an ugly stepsister, but “The Fox”, (lol I don’t tell everything, Melek, you Israeli Vin Diesel! אתה יודע שאני תמיד אוהב אותך

    I will never hurt any of you guys by giving names, however to Z.K., You are the only guy that I will forever owe with my life, Dracula .98 had me ready to bleed for sure.

    Oh and any people believing 2 words of this as the truth is about the same as getting THE LGBT believing that acting on homosexual feelings is a sin, which is exactly the reasons I have shot straight with the past.
    God is way more important to me and service to bring glory to Him is my goal.

  2. Will S. Says:

    It’s remarkable that a piece of legislation is being proposed which is intended to shore up protection for that which is already supposed to be protected by the First Amendment. But then, as we know, the American Constitution is blithely disregarded by the Supreme Court, so sadly, such makes sense.

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