Exploitation of Women at the University of Cincinnati, Courtesy of—You

March 4, 2013

Another example of the unintentional ironies of feminism:  Students at the University of Cincinnati are going to protest the objectification of women (you know, treating women as if they were nothing more than a collection of sexual body parts) by displaying “12 billboard-sized photographs” of female genitalia on a green in the middle of campus this Thursday.

UPDATE (March 4th, 2013):  A reader has pointed out to me that the event link below now actually shows one of these explicit pictures, which was not the case when I first linked to it.  Please be warned and do not click on that link unless you are willing to have that picture on your screen.  (I would remove the link entirely for obscenity, but since it’s what we’re discussing, I don’t think I should make it more difficult to find the proponents’ explanation of their point of view, even though they are editing it and making it more vulgar post facto.)  I have added another warning below.  I apologize to anyone who was inadvertently exposed to the picture between when I posted the link and when it was pointed out to me that the picture had been changed.

The event is called “Re-envisioning the Female Body”.  (WARNING: OBSCENE PICTURE) Here is how its proponents describe it on the Web site All Events.

Remember, if you pay taxes, you are sponsoring this event.  (If you pay taxes in Ohio, of course it’s an Ohio state school, but if you pay taxes anywhere else in the United States, remember that both public and nominally private universities today are largely funded by student loans from the federal government.)  This event is one more great argument for the separation of school and state.

Update (March 6th, 2013):  Life Site News reports that UC Alliance (the sexual-deviant student group) and UC Feminists are the ones putting this together, and that they will also be hosting a Planned Parenthood panel.

Annmarie Condit, a member of UC Students for Life, the group that brought Genocide Awareness Project and Created Equal’s Justice Ride to campus, said her group will be outside the Planned Parenthood panel preceding the gallery of genitalia passing out flyers informing students about what the pro-life group says is Planned Parenthood’s corrupt business practices.

Condit said, “The UC Students for Life are deeply saddened by this response to our use of abortion pictures on campus. The abortion pictures, while shocking and offensive, display the truth about the humanity of the babies killed by abortion. Using objectifying images of women with the claim that it makes a political or artistic statement is an utter non-response to the important issue of abortion; it’s nothing but the depraved use of obscenity for shock value. This display is an embarrassment to the students who are organizing it, and to the university as a whole.”

“Of course Planned Parenthood would be involved in this kind of immature campus event,” said Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins. “They stand to make money off of the promotion of sex, as they sell the ‘have sex, there are no-consequences’ line.

“Fifty percent of people who are sexually active will get an STD by age 25, and one in four of all college age students have an STD. Planned Parenthood isn’t an educational group, it’s an industry. It sells contraception, abortions, and STD treatment and makes over $300,000 million each year in profit while STD rates rise.”

“Forty-six percent of abortions are performed on college-aged women, so it’s no wonder why the local Planned Parenthood is less than a mile from UC’s campus. They want to be close to their targeted customers, and this event will only help market their lies. What these displays should be showing is a vagina with genital warts or a dead preborn baby being ripped from it as that is what Planned Parenthood sells.”

Update (March 8th, 2013):  Sacred Heart Radio has more coverage.

13 Responses to “Exploitation of Women at the University of Cincinnati, Courtesy of—You”

  1. Null Says:

    On a related note, smitty at The Other McCain just blogged about the “Large Labia Project” (http://theothermccain.com/2013/03/03/is-progress-a-bonfire/). Feminists sure are obsessed about showing off female genitalia.

  2. noahtheduke Says:

    I can’t wait. It’s going to be great, to get people interested and involved in the conversation about women’s health and women’s bodies. Are you going to attend?

  3. Liz Says:

    The event description itself says that the point is to ironically show the vagina as if in a medical setting. In any case, is it exploitation if the people photographed were on board and willing to model? Sounds like an interesting event to say the least. Most of all, I’m excited that someone’s opening a dialogue about this, because it’s apparent that it needs to happen.

    • Do you think that a pornographic movie would not be exploitation if the people in it agreed to be in it?

      • noahtheduke Says:

        Not at all. Why would it?

      • Likewise, I suppose, if a woman makes a nominally voluntary choice to enter prostitution, sell some of her organs on the black market, or sell herself into slavery?

      • noahtheduke Says:

        Not even close to similar. Why?

      • They all degrade her humanity in exchange for some superficial benefit (such as in money or, in the case of this demonstration, attention). If someone else is doing that to her for his own selfish gain, it’s exploitation, whether she nominally consents or not. Whether any outside agent is involved or not, it’s degradation, and it’s wrong.

        How ironic that this is what “feminism” has come to.

    • Jimmy Says:

      What does “nominally voluntary” mean?

      • It means that we don’t exist in a libertarian’s theoretical ideal world of free choices. Questions of agency are complicated by power inequalities and other realities of how human beings actually work (as opposed to how they work in a libertarian’s theoretical equation). People can be pressured into things. People can find it difficult to get out of something they’ve gotten themselves into. Etc.

        Under other circumstances, liberals (at least the academic ones, such as women’s-studies types) would be the first to tell you that. Even this event’s description says, among other things, “This project is not meant to be a success story, but to further complicate ideas of agency and oppression . . . .”

        I’m not saying that evil would be made good even if it were truly consensual and voluntary, but I am saying that even “voluntary” is not always what it appears.

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