End Federal Student ‘Aid’

July 25, 2013

Remember, college costs so much in the first place precisely because the federal government keeps subsidizing increasing tuition.  (Thanks for nothing, federal government.)

End federal student “aid”.  Stop turning people like me into debt slaves.

Reason has a pretty good piece on this: “Easy Credit Is Inflating a Massive Student-Loan Bubble”Steven Greenhut.

And government policies designed to expand educational opportunities have inflated the cost of tuition, cheapened the value of education and burdened new generations with crushing debt loads.

Yet those of us who call for less government meddling and more private-sector discipline are the ones considered heartless.

It’s time for a separation of school and state.

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One Response to “End Federal Student ‘Aid’”

  1. Snoodickle Says:

    So we do away with federal student aid, and instead of students taking out loans that they are personally responsible for, we have parents either co-signing on private loans or mortgaging their homes to pay for their children’s education. You don’t see any problems with that system?

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