Another example of the unintentional ironies of feminism:  Students at the University of Cincinnati are going to protest the objectification of women (you know, treating women as if they were nothing more than a collection of sexual body parts) by displaying “12 billboard-sized photographs” of female genitalia on a green in the middle of campus this Thursday.

UPDATE (March 4th, 2013):  A reader has pointed out to me that the event link below now actually shows one of these explicit pictures, which was not the case when I first linked to it.  Please be warned and do not click on that link unless you are willing to have that picture on your screen.  (I would remove the link entirely for obscenity, but since it’s what we’re discussing, I don’t think I should make it more difficult to find the proponents’ explanation of their point of view, even though they are editing it and making it more vulgar post facto.)  I have added another warning below.  I apologize to anyone who was inadvertently exposed to the picture between when I posted the link and when it was pointed out to me that the picture had been changed.

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My friend Evan pointed out some surprising facts last week.  At least they were surprising to me.  Did you know that PETA has killed thousands of animals?  That is, at least according to this source (and it does cite its sources).*

Here are some more facts:

—According to PETA—this is a quote—“Silk Production Causes Painful Death for Insects”.  Ergo, “Don’t buy silk....”

—Another PETA Web site admonishes us, “don’t buy wool.”  (Evan says, “ask any shepherd what happens to a sheep that doesn’t get sheared for the summer”.)

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