Tea Party Conservatives Choose Cruz

March 14, 2016

Cruz Hope posterFor the last several months, Ohio Conservatives United and affiliated groups in Florida and Illinois have been conducting surveys of members of Tea Party, 9/12, and other liberty groups.  In each state, their theory was simple:

“If Ohio conservatives unite behind one candidate in the primary election, we will win.

“If we split and fragment our vote across the entire field, the establishment Republican will win.”

All three groups have completed their process and endorsed the clear winner among Tea Party conservatives: Ted Cruz.

As they put it, Ohio Conservatives UnitedFlorida Conservatives United, and Illinois Conservatives United have “endorsed Ted Cruz as the candidate we should unite behind.”

Read all about it from the Toledo Tea Party.

Ohio Final Results, OCU

Update (March 15th, 2016):

Ted Cruz wins Freedom Works straw poll

Freedom Works held a conservative conference in Cincinnati on Saturday (March 12th), styled FreePAC: Morning in America Summit.  A survey of the 1,200 attenders revealed a decisive preference for the same full-spectrum conservative, Ted Cruz:

  • Sen. Ted Cruz: 88%
  • Donald Trump: 3%
  • Gov. John Kasich: 3%
  • Sen. Marco Rubio: 3%
  • Other: 2%

One Response to “Tea Party Conservatives Choose Cruz”

  1. […] Update (March 13th, 2016):  It’s official—“Ohio, Florida, and Illinois Conservatives United endorse Ted Cruz”.  See new post. […]

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