Breath Taking

October 22, 2014

“There would never be a wild pug.”

This is not news (see “Liberals More than Twice as Likely to De-friend You for Disagreeing with Them”, from two and a half years ago), but it’s still interesting.  From the Pew Research Center (near the bottom of the page):

Consistent Liberals Most Likely to Block Others Based on Political Content

Hat tip to Hot Air, who also have a thoughtful exploration of the survey results and what they mean.

Consistent liberals are also the most likely faction to drop someone as a friend over politics, although their lead over consistent conservatives is more modest on that point (24 percent to 16 percent).

Update (October 21st, 2014): Edited title (still quoting Pew, different quote) to make clear why liberals are blocking people (not just vaguely “Based on Political Content”, but specifically “because they disagreed with a political post”).


October 20, 2014

Overheard at work (quoting from memory):

Woman 1 (recalling when she found out she was pregnant):  I told her, I can’t marry this guy—there’s no way.  And she said, That’s OK.  I’m so glad she didn’t say, Then why were you having sex with him?

. . .

Woman 2:  You don’t have to have sex with someone just because you’re married to him.

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University of Denver

Jillian Martinez has an interesting report on a ballot initiative in Colorado.  She makes sure to give some of the factual background and to quote both proponents and opponents about their views on Amendment 67, but that doesn’t prevent her from shaping the narrative in more and less subtle ways.

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Drama Queen

October 15, 2014

There once was a man named Obama
Who said, I’m post-partisan-drama,
But in middle school
It’s a general rule
Girls who say “I hate drama” bring drama.

amazingIn 2012, conservatives remarked that government is much worse at many things than the free market, and asked, Do you want your health care to be more like using, or more like the Bureau of Motor Vehicles?  Here’s conservative blogger Wintery Knight, July 5th, 2012:

I think this is important because conservatives are constantly being portrayed as “mean” in the media because we don’t embrace big government health care solutions. Everyone agrees on the problems, and everyone wants to help. The difference is that we conservatives think that health care is better when it is run profitably and is responsive to consumers and offers choice, low prices and high quality — like Amazon. . . .

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The full-length documentary about the IRS abuses, Unfair, will be showing on the big screen, possibly at a theater near you, possibly tomorrow only (Tuesday, October 14th).  Learn more at the official movie Web site or see showtimes at

One of the official trailers:

I don’t know whether the movie will be any good, but I know I wish more Americans were more informed about this kind of abuse of power.



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