Rule of Law or Rule of Men?

June 21, 2012

Last Friday, President Obama decreed that what Congress has thus far declined to do, he will do by himself—in effect, amnesty for (by his administration’s own conservative estimate) 800,000 illegal immigrants (CNN, Fox)—even though President Obama himself is on record, as recently as 2011, at least twice (March, September), admitting that that would be unconstitutional:

Mark Krikorian‘s take:

No need to fuss over “laws on the books that I have to enforce” when you’ve gotten away with not enforcing so many of them.

One Response to “Rule of Law or Rule of Men?”

  1. […] to change the law anyway, unilaterally.  NPR certainly doesn’t mention the fact that Obama himself had observed on multiple occasions that this would be unconstitutional, right up until he decided to do […]

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