Taylor vs. DeWine, by the issues: taxes

May 4, 2018

This entry is part of a series of guest posts on the governor’s race.  For the rest of the series, go to:

Taylor vs. DeWine: candidate comparison, by the issues (2018 Republican primary for Ohio governor)

On fiscal policies, Taylor and Estruth are true limited government fiscal conservatives. When a member of the Ohio House, Mary voted against a Taft tax increase incurring the rage of House leadership that subsequently kicked her off the Finance Committee. Ohio’s population has been in decline for over 15 years with neighboring states more often being the choice for businesses seeking growth opportunities. Taylor/Estruth are committed to reversing this competitive disadvantage.

This hasn’t stopped DeWine from trying to tear Taylor down with false negative ads:

A new TV ad from Mike DeWine’s campaign for Ohio governor blasts his Republican primary opponent, Mary Taylor, for voting for a “$2 billion tax hike” when she was a state legislator in 2005.

What the ad doesn’t say is that DeWine’s running mate, Jon Husted, not only voted for the 2005 bill too, but also carried it to passage as Ohio House Speaker and even touted it as one of his signature achievements when he launched his since-abandoned campaign for governor in May 2017. And a recent nonpartisan evaluation found the bill . . . resulted in a “substantial tax cut overall.”

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