Pro-life March Outnumbers Pro-abortion Demonstrators, Maybe a Thousand to One

January 26, 2015

March for LifeHundreds of thousands went to D. C. for the annual March for Life last week.  As even the liberal Washington Post observed, this pro-life movement is full of youth and energy.

As has become standard in recent years, the March for Life participants were overwhelmingly young and religious, with busloads of students who had come from across the country giving the Mall the feeling of a pop concert.

Meanwhile the pro-abortion demonstrators (frankly proclaiming their point of view on their signs: “ABORTION ON DEMAND & WITHOUT APOLOGY”) numbered somewhere between eight and “in the low hundreds”.

Drew Belsky at American Thinker has a great article about the march, with more photos.

News Busters has more on the liberal media’s habitual poor reporting about the march.

More March for Life coverage and photos at Life Site News.

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