Tea Party/Conservative Voter Guide for Ohio, 2012

November 5, 2012

Ohio Tea Party and conservative groups like the Ohio Liberty Coalition, the Portage County Tea Party, the Lake County Tea Party, the Geauga County Tea Party (candidates, issues), the Mansfield North Central Ohio Tea Party Association (about), and COAST, as well as the national Tea Party Express, have endorsed some or all of the following candidates and positions on the issues:

  • Mitt Romney for president
  • Josh Mandel for Senate

“Mandel is a committed conservative and steadfast voice for limited government.”

“We are equally excited to endorse Josh Mandel for US Senate and look forward to bringing the same level of conservative thinking to that body as we did to the US House in 2010.”

“Josh is the perfect candidate to replace Sherrod Brown . . . .”

— Watch Josh Mandel vs. Sherrod Brown in their first debate and third debate (video of second debate not available).

  • Justice Robert Cupp, Justice Terrence O’Donnell, and Sharon Kennedy for Ohio Supreme Court

2 Responses to “Tea Party/Conservative Voter Guide for Ohio, 2012”

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  2. Snoodickle Says:

    Sharon Kennedy for the Supreme Court? (Check OSBA rating)

    Issue 1 is an interesting one. My view is, we can only have a constitutional convention once every 20 years, why not have one? Any proposed change to the constitution has to be ratified by popular referendum anyway.

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