Further to last week’s discussion of voter fraud (“Four Reasons to Hold Elections on Election Day”), two related stories:

1 — America’s Watchtower, “Over 1,400 non-citizens are on North Carolina voting rolls”

This story is an update to last week’s post where we learned that 145 non-citizens were found on North Carolina’s voting rolls. . . .

The investigation is now complete and it turns out that over 1,400 people who are ineligible to vote are on the voting rolls.

My comment:  Good thing North Carolina’s government was recently taken over by reform-minded Republicans.  It sounds as though they’ll actually try to make sure these ineligible people don’t dilute the vote.

2 — Washington Post blog Monkey Cage, “Could non-citizens decide the November election?”

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Your Vote Matters1. Easier early voting opens the door to more fraud.

2. If you don’t care enough to go vote, you probably don’t care enough to vote well.

3. Longer voting periods mean more expensive campaigns, more money in politics, and more entrenched incumbents.

4. Voting early means voting without all the information.

Coloradan Sarah Hoyt is concerned about her state’s recent changes to its election laws.  Laws that make it “easier” to vote also make it easier to commit voter fraud.

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Median VoterNRO’s Jim Geraghty says, “God Save Us from the Loud ‘I’m Staying Home This Year’ Conservatives”.

. . . who will announce they’ll stay home on Election Day as a demonstration of their power.

Because as we all know, you become more influential in politics and government and public life by staying home and doing less.

He goes on.  I don’t completely agree with all of his points, but the main message is a good point, and an important one.  Casting a “protest” or “gesture” vote for a third party, or refusing to participate at all, is half a vote for the greater evil.

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