October 20, 2014

Overheard at work (quoting from memory):

Woman 1 (recalling when she found out she was pregnant):  I told her, I can’t marry this guy—there’s no way.  And she said, That’s OK.  I’m so glad she didn’t say, Then why were you having sex with him?

. . .

Woman 2:  You don’t have to have sex with someone just because you’re married to him.

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I ran across this comment from Roxeanne de Luca, and thought it bore repeating:

Oh, heavens. Women wasting their waning child-bearing years on men who won’t commit to them is a rant in of itself. A society that does not condemn men who refuse to commit to women is another rant. A third rant is men who waste women’s time, so that the women they take to bed may never have the children they desperately want.

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Via Wintery Knight, another woman (observing women she has known personally) makes similar observations about feminism and the sexual revolution:

I’ve known many of these women — a great many — and it never ceases to confound me how smart women can be such ridiculous fools when it comes to choosing men.

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Apparently the executive director of the North Carolina Democratic Party “dated” one of his students, gave her HIV, and then dumped her.

I should say former executive director; he resigned last week over sexual-harassment allegations (different victim).  Likewise he technically only dated his former student; they met when he was her professor at a community college, but began their relationship “Upon completing that class”.  After they found out they had HIV, he apparently also waited a few months before dumping her.

Coverage at Talking Points Memo and the Daily Caller.

I’m just saying, Christianity makes more sense than any of the alternatives.

Hat tip to Rush Limbaugh.