Jonah Goldberg has an interesting piece at National Review Online today: “The Myth of the Good Conservative” (“For liberals, he always existed yesterday”).  The thesis is as the subtitle implies: that certain liberals are always praising particular conservatives of the past and/or hypothetical conservatives in general, to whom particular conservatives and conservative policy proposals of today supposedly compare unfavorably.

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Perry vs. Obama

August 16, 2011

I’ll write about Rick Perry soon if I have time, but in the meantime, an opinion piece about him in The Washington Post yesterday, “The Texas Gipper”, has some funny lines (and a hilariously liberal point of view); here’s my favorite part, the last paragraph:

The White House now has plenty to worry about. Of course, Perry may turn out to be no Ronald Reagan. But then he doesn’t have to be. After all, Barack Obama has turned out to be no Barack Obama.

Hat tip to Laura Ingraham.