Walker Wins, 53-46

June 6, 2012

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker beat the recall yesterday.

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Robert Costa and Christian Schneider at National Review Online have the story and the links:  Scott Walker did not father a child out of wedlock.  The opposition came up with a last-minute election surprise this past weekend (the recall election is today), but there’s nothing to it:

(from Costa)

Over the weekend, Gillick, in collaboration with the Wisconsin Citizens Media Cooperative, alleged that Walker, who is pro-life, pressured “Ruth,” her roommate, to pursue an abortion.

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National Review Online’s Robert Costa reckons,

Regardless of whether Governor Scott Walker survives Tuesday’s recall election, Wisconsin’s public-employee unions are likely to see their power continue to decline.

The numbers are dramatic:

Indeed, according to the Journal, the American Federation of Teachers–Wisconsin, a labor organization representing 17,000 public-school teachers, has seen 6,000 members leave its ranks.

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For whatever it’s worth, Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus argues that Governor Walker will probably beat the recall, and that the recall effort will hurt President Obama’s chances in Wisconsin in November:

I think the Democrats in Wisconsin have been unbelievably foolish, and I can’t imagine that the Obama administration is too thrilled with what they’re doing up there. What they’re doing is gambling with the presidency in a major way, and here’s why.

First, Democrats didn’t get their [preferred] candidate to run. They’re stuck with two people who have perfected the art of losing statewide elections. Between Tom Barrett and Kathy Falk, they may have lost more statewide elections than any pair in the entire country.

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Save Scott Walker

April 11, 2012

In 2011, Wisconsin and Ohio both passed laws repealing, to a significant extent, the mistake of public-sector unions.  (Public-sector unions are a relatively recent innovation; they necessarily create conflicts of interest and represent a structural problem for democracy.)  The Ohio reform was then itself repealed by ballot initiative, in a campaign funded largely by out-of-state union money.

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