After Tuesday’s debate, Charles Cooke had a good line:

As far as I can see, Obama’s main plan for the next four years is to be president in them, and that may well not be enough to win reelection . . . .

Hat tip to unassumingpseudonym of Far-flung Fancies, who sent it to me.

In other news, Real Clear Politics’ Electoral College map has just moved North Carolina into Romney’s column, putting Romney ahead in that count for the first time this whole election cycle; it’s now 206 to 201, Romney’s favor.  (It’s big news—by coincidence, Rush Limbaugh mentioned it just as I was writing this!)  But arguably North Carolina had already been lost to Obama for some time—recall “Pollster Writes Off Three Swing States, Says Obama Won’t Win Them”.  Just look at Real Clear Politics’ polling averages in North Carolina:  Romney has been rising and Obama falling, steeply, all month.  Romney currently leads 50.3-44.7.

Via Allah Pundit and Gateway Pundit, as the former puts it, “Suffolk pollster: We’re not polling Florida, Virginia, or North Carolina anymore, because Romney’s going to win them”:

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