University of Denver

Jillian Martinez has an interesting report on a ballot initiative in Colorado.  She makes sure to give some of the factual background and to quote both proponents and opponents about their views on Amendment 67, but that doesn’t prevent her from shaping the narrative in more and less subtle ways.

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Well, it finally happened:  Standard & Poor’s, one of the big three credit-rating agencies in the United States, has downgraded the United States’ credit rating.  Specifically, S&P downgraded the federal government from AAA to AA+.  “The outlook on the long-term rating” is also “negative”, meaning that S&P may lower our rating again “within the next two years” if we don’t shape up and get the national debt under control.  Read the rest of this entry »

Jonah Goldberg in the Corner reviews the double standard in the liberal media’s treatment of Congressman Giffords’s shooting and the recent debt-ceiling fight.  (In the former, war- and death-themed metaphors were deemed per se inappropriate and conservatives were accused of debasing the national debate with their supposed incivility; in the latter, members of the liberal media and liberal politicians disparaged conservatives by calling them “terrorists”, etc.)  The Media Research Center discusses further and provides links to a few examples of the latter.

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