A recent post by one of my left-leaning Facebook friends:

As I myself am a Visible Trans Person (whoa!), and it seems to be Trans Day of Visibility, I offer once again: Do you have a question you would like me to attempt to answer (about my gender, or gender in general, or…something else that’s on your mind)? If you post it here or PM me, I will (possibly!*) answer it!

*if I feel like it

I have nothing against her personally, and I’m sure she’s a very nice person, but—I think she’s already answered the important question loud and clear.

A blog featured on the WordPress main page last week reviews a movie with a promising title and subtitle—Young Adult: Everyone gets old. Not Everyone grows up.

Mark Steyn and other commentators have said a lot about our current culture’s harmful tendencies toward self-centeredness and prolonged adolescence.  Steyn made me aware of an interesting recent study:

Now, after a computer analysis of three decades of hit songs, Dr. DeWall and other psychologists report finding what they were looking for: a statistically significant trend toward narcissism and hostility in popular music. As they hypothesized, the words “I” and “me” appear more frequently along with anger-related words, while there’s been a corresponding decline in “we” and “us” and the expression of positive emotions.

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Of Cabbages and Kings

April 14, 2011

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