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Cincinnati area:


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Last week, I wondered whether Ohio Right to Life and Cincinnati Right to Life would rescind their endorsements of Cecil Thomas, after he flip-flopped on the definition of marriage.

Since then, the Cincinnati Enquirer has reported (longer article, shorter article) that Cincinnati Right to Life has rescinded its endorsements of both Mr. Thomas and Mr. Winburn (and Ohio Right to Life is considering rescinding its endorsement of Mr. Thomas) after both men started waffling on their pro-life stance.

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flip-flopsCurrent Cincinnati city councilman Charlie Winburn is running for Ohio state senate in district 9.  District 9 is so Democratic that incumbent Democrat state senator Eric Kearney beat the Republican challenger 68-29 in 2010 (caveat: the districts have been redrawn since then).

The very popular Charlie Winburn is said to be the only Republican who might be able to win this otherwise unwinnable district.  Kearney, reaching the end of his term limit, cannot run for re-election this year; instead, Mr. Winburn faces his former colleague, Democrat former councilman Cecil Thomas.

Both men described themselves as pro-life and pro-marriage in responses to the Cincinnati Right to Life candidate questionnaire earlier this year (read the full PDFs here: Charlie Winburn, Cecil Thomas).  Perhaps on that basis, Cincinnati Right to Life PAC has endorsed both men in this race, while Ohio Right to Life PAC has apparently endorsed only Cecil Thomas.

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The Hamilton County Board of Elections has the results in PDF form and in a detailed “interactive” format, including maps.

2013 Cincinnati election mapMayor’s race by precinct: green = Cranley, blue = Qualls

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Update (November 10th, 2013): See how the candidates did here: “2013 Cincinnati Election Results”


Candidates for City Council
(twenty-one candidates for nine seats on nine-member council)

Amy Murray R G Ch HP S

Charlie Winburn (i) R Ch L P F S

Christopher Smitherman (i) G Ch H B P F S

P. G. Sittenfeld (i) D G Ch B P F T

Kevin Flynn G H B P F

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Everyone knew that former councilman John Cranley and current councilman and vice mayor Roxanne Qualls would be the two candidates to make it past yesterday’s primary, but we didn’t know Cranley would come out with such a big lead: he beat Qualls 56%-37%, or about 3 to 2.

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Parking meterYou’ll recall that a remarkably large, broad bipartisan coalition of Cincinnatians came together earlier this year to subject the parking deal to a referendum.  (Here was Judge Winkler’s order granting the permanent injunction against the ordinance, prohibiting the city from signing the lease until the voters could have their say this November.)

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Judge Winkler has made his decision:  The referendum petition drive will be allowed to continue.  If we get enough signatures in the next few days, the people will get to vote in November on whether to repeal City Council’s “privatization” of city parking meters, lots, and garages.

If you’re a Cincinnati voter and want to sign the petition but haven’t yet, one option will be this Saturday:

. . . 9 AM to 5 PM in Mt. Lookout Square.  We can accept with drive-thru signatures as well as signatures from pedestrians.

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Yesterday, according to WCPO:

CINCINNATI – People who oppose the city’s new parking plan began collecting signatures Sunday in an effort to get the issue on the November ballot.

The kick off event, led by Cincinnati City Councilmember Christopher Smitherman, Amy Murray and Pete Witte, took place Sunday at Oakley Square.

Witte said the event exceeded expectations, especially because of the short turnaround time event organizers had to put it together.

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COAST reports that it successfully blocked the parking deal with a very rapid-response lawsuit, which may soon put the matter to a vote of the people.

Note:  I’m on COAST’s side on this issue, and I think their reporting is worth passing on, but their sometimes acrimonious tone doesn’t speak for me.  I’m just saying.

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For City Council

All nine seats on City Council are up for election every two years.  This year there are 22 candidates (vote for up to 9); the top 9 vote getters will be seated.  There’s no reason you have to use all of your votes; so vote for the ones you want, but don’t vote for ones you don’t want.

Jacqueline Allen

Mike Allen L

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