I saw this when a classmate (a friend who graduated with me from law school and is now a manual laborer in the oilfields of North Dakota) posted it on Facebook:

“Law School Applications Crater”, Above the Law

So far, applications are down 20 percent from where they were in 2012. Law school applications are down 38 percent from where they were in 2010.

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Lawyerly Love

October 21, 2010

"for and in consideration of Love and Affection"

. . . for and in consideration of 
       LOVE AND AFFECTION      ,
the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged . . . .

From study materials on the rules of ethics for lawyers:

“The Rules require that a lawyer preserve the decorum of a tribunal by refraining from yelling, table pounding, and flamboyant acts such as scattering papers all over the floor....”