Just because I wrote about PETA a little while ago, I have to share this:  Earlier today I was wearing my leather jacket, eating a delicious ham dinner, when I learned that someone had written a new book about such matters, A Rat Is a Pig Is a Dog Is a Boy: The Human Cost of the Animal Rights MovementRead the rest of this entry »

My friend Evan pointed out some surprising facts last week.  At least they were surprising to me.  Did you know that PETA has killed thousands of animals?  That is, at least according to this source (and it does cite its sources).*

Here are some more facts:

—According to PETA—this is a quote—“Silk Production Causes Painful Death for Insects”.  Ergo, “Don’t buy silk....”

—Another PETA Web site admonishes us, “don’t buy wool.”  (Evan says, “ask any shepherd what happens to a sheep that doesn’t get sheared for the summer”.)

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