Hillary Clinton calls for gun controlAfter they lost the Civil War and were forced to free the slaves, Democrats looked for other ways to bully black Americans.  A significant part of the history of gun-control laws in America is the history of Democrats trying to keep black people from defending themselves (see, e.g., “The Great Equalizer: Civil rights and the Second Amendment” and “Gun Control and Racism”).

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Yesterday’s Project Veritas video included a theme of elitism, a ruling class that thinks it can live by one set of rules while imposing other rules on the rest of us—“Guns for Me but Not for Thee”, as the title of John Fund’s column put it.

Apparently the NRA also released an ad yesterday on the same theme:

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I’m seeing a number of people responding to the school shooting last week by calling for more gun control.  I just want to point out that the public policy most likely to prevent massacres like this is, on the contrary, less gun control:

Let the law-abiding carry guns and protect themselves.

Why do you think these mass shootings are always in “gun-free zones” (i.e., victim zones)?  As Dan Mitchell suggests, posting a sign at the entrance calling it a “gun-free zone” is tantamount to posting a sign saying, “ATTENTION CRIMINALS: This is a defense-free crime zone.  All law-abiding persons have been disarmed for your convenience.”

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Guns Mainstream?

November 28, 2011

I heard an ad for a gun Web site on the radio this morning.  (They’re having their “cyber-Monday” sale.)  I’ve never heard an ad for a gun Web site on the radio before.  I wonder whether it’s a sign of a changing culture.

Certainly the different states’ laws have become much more congenial to concealed carry over the course of the last twenty-five years, as shown dramatically in this animated-GIF map from the Wikipedia article on the subject.  Ohio’s own concealed-carry law was passed so recently that I remember when it happened.   Read the rest of this entry »