I certainly don’t want to lean too heavily on this—confounding variables and all that—but I know that at least one reader of this blog finds this kind of evidence very persuasive.  (I’m sure he’ll convert to conservatism immediately upon seeing this…)

Via Haemet and Breitbart.com, Examiner.com reports that Republican governors are correlated with falling unemployment rates recently.  (Eternity Matters also mentioned this, whence the pithy title.)

According to Examiner.com, 17 new Republican governors (elected in the 2010 Tea Party tsunami) first took office in January 2011; 8 new Democrat governors were also elected and took office at the same time.

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No doubt he’s not the first to make such comparisons, but they bear repeating:  Wintery Knight asks, Do you want your health care to be more like using Amazon.com, or like the Bureau of Motor Vehicles?

Oh, and apparently the latest “best estimate” from the government’s own Congressional Budget Office is that Obamacare will make 11 million people lose their employer-provided health insurance, or possibly up to 20 million.

Recall that President Obama, in trying to sell Obamacare, explicitly promised (July 28th, 2009, AARP “tele-town hall”),

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