Judge Winkler has made his decision:  The referendum petition drive will be allowed to continue.  If we get enough signatures in the next few days, the people will get to vote in November on whether to repeal City Council’s “privatization” of city parking meters, lots, and garages.

If you’re a Cincinnati voter and want to sign the petition but haven’t yet, one option will be this Saturday:

. . . 9 AM to 5 PM in Mt. Lookout Square.  We can accept with drive-thru signatures as well as signatures from pedestrians.

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For City Council

All nine seats on City Council are up for election every two years.  This year there are 22 candidates (vote for up to 9); the top 9 vote getters will be seated.  There’s no reason you have to use all of your votes; so vote for the ones you want, but don’t vote for ones you don’t want.

Jacqueline Allen

Mike Allen L

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Yarn on Trees in Cincinnati

September 30, 2011

If you’ve driven down Central Parkway in downtown Cincinnati recently, you may have noticed colorful (and elaborate) yarn decorations on the trees along the way.  You may have wondered, What’s going on?

What’s going on, apparently, is a “yarn bombing”.  Last week, in an Art Works project named “Operation Bomb Central”, a group calling themselves the Bombshells went downtown and painstakingly wrapped yarn around trees, other fixtures, and even a Metro bus!

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From “Protest voices opposition to ALEC group”:

A group of conservative state legislators from across the U.S. met in Cincinnati last week and drew the ire of local college students and union members during a protest Friday.

. . .

The demonstration began with a play portraying the ALEC as a monster attacking the rights of women, minorities and workers. 

I don’t go out looking for these; I just happened to pick up a copy of the student newspaper today, and there it was, staring me in the face!

Band Name

October 10, 2010

I think Conditional Parking Lane would be a good name for a band.

Update (November 15th, 2009): The link below doesn’t seem to be working; so, on the off chance that anyone is still looking for the election results, you can find them here instead.

Update (November 3rd, 2009): A local news station offers running tallies of today’s election results.

If you happen to be a Cincinnati voter, and if you’re planning to vote in this fall’s off-year elections (coming up next month, Tuesday, November 3rd, polling places open from 6:30 a.m to 7:30 p.m.), at least if you’re like me, you’re wondering, How am I supposed to choose among all these candidates I don’t know anything about?  If you occasionally listen to the radio or watch TV or read anything even somewhat related to current events, it’s easy to have an opinion every four years or so about the presidency, etc.  Unfortunately, unless a candidate aggressively mails me multiple fliers about himself (which one of them is doing two of them are doing!), I find it more difficult to form an opinion on Mr. Smith J. Smithson of North Avondale, not only because I’ve never heard of him, but also because the areas of public policy he has “positions” on aren’t things like war and abortion but things like how the city should collect unpaid parking fines and whether the public schools should continue “CGCS benchmarking”, which I’ve also never heard of. Read the rest of this entry »