Troll-free Tuesdays

April 24, 2012

We’re going to try something new:  On Tuesdays, no trolls allowed.

In other words, for any entry I post on a Tuesday, anyone who wants to pick a one-sided fight (i.e., he doesn’t engage with others’ arguments but still expects them to engage with his), makes snide remarks, has little to say besides linking to some other Web page, or is otherwise rude or a nuisance will be blocked.

Conversely, to those who have anything thoughtful and polite to say (including those who disagree with me):  Please feel free to comment any time, but I especially encourage you to join the discussion every Tuesday!

My entry yesterday began when I read an entry on someone else’s blog, and has in turn led to the writing of two other entries on others’ blogs.  In case they’re of interest, I offer them with no further comment:

“Publicity! Or: How a Conservative Hater Made My Day!”, Amee Bohrer, Unrelentingamee

“The words of a Conservative man…”, Emily Sixx Rants