Favorite politics-as-politics line of the day, from Kevin Williamson:

Democrats have sown the wind and could reap the windbag — or a Texas tornado

Kevin Williamson sometimes sounds about as sweet as a boiling bucket of bile, but other times—OK, oftentimes—the man has a way with words.  He has other great lines in this piece alone.

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In light of Obama’s well-known* anti-Israel record (saying that Israel “doesn’t know what its best interests are”, calling Netanyahu a “coward”,  giving free tanks and fighter jets to the Muslim Brotherhood president of Egypt who thinks the people of Israel are “bloodsuckers” and “the descendants of apes and pigs” for whom Egyptian children should be “breastfed hatred”, etc., etc.), some wonder why he’s even bothering to visit Israel now.  NPR, no Republican mouthpiece, practically admits that it’s just a cynical ploy to ingratiate himself with Israelis so that he can better sell them an unfavorable peace agreement with those who would destroy them:

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Via the Republican Party, “Senior White House Official Says Obama’s GOP Outreach Is ‘A Joke’ And ‘Wasting’ Time”Ron Fournier at National Journal writes,

He is dining with Republicans after advisers openly mocked suggestions that he do so. He is visiting Capitol Hill after telling aides that such a gesture was beneath him and the dignity of his office. . . .

Obama’s sudden burst of public outreach coincides with a drop in his approval ratings . . . . This raises the uncomfortable question: Is this schmooze-a-thon a legitimate act of humility and leadership or a cynical public display?

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First, the Obama administration and the liberal news media tried to tell us that cutting a small fraction of the federal budget for this year (a. k. a. “the sequester”) would inflict unspeakable misery on America.  Then they said, No, wait, never mind, you probably won’t even notice it!

Now that the much-anticipated day has arrived, Jim Geraghty has a hilarious round-up of satirical conservative reactions.  More under #OnTheSceneSequesterReport.

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Even the liberals (and they were clearly liberals) at Politico, in their live video response after the speech, said most of it was a real “snoozer”.

If you missed the State of the Union address last night (script, video), basically the president said that he sees the millions of people and private-sector entities in America as so many finger puppets, but that fortunately, as the guy who runs the government, he thinks he has millions of fingers.

Skip the State of the Union.  Just watch Marco Rubio’s response (text), which was very good (except for the parts that weren’t):

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In the Washington Examiner, Conn Carroll has a good line:

It is going to be all partisan scorched earth all the time, again, for four more years.

Obama will have changed Washington. But for the worse.

Read the whole thing.  Further excerpts:

Liberals, including Obama, love to cite Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s, R-Ky., line that “the single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.” They claim it proves that Republicans were never willing to work with Obama from day one. But McConnell did not utter that line until October 2010, 22 months after Emanuel said, “F[   ] ’em.” Republicans were willing to work with Obama. He just wouldn’t let them.

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Larry Kudlow discusses the current “negotiations” in Congress about raising taxes and/or cutting spending:

Even the Washington Post is criticizing Obama for failing to deliver a specific plan regarding entitlement and non-entitlement spending cuts.

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(Don’t take my word for it—follow the links and read all about it!)

Update (November 29th, 2012):  Jim Geraghty also gets a good line in:

. . . I’m not sure Obama really understands negotiating.