Taylor vs. DeWine, by the issues: education

May 4, 2018

This entry is part of a series of guest posts on the governor’s race.  For the rest of the series, go to:

Taylor vs. DeWine: candidate comparison, by the issues (2018 Republican primary for Ohio governor)

On Education, the Taylor/Estruth ticket is the only ticket that has committed to end Common Core, returning control to local school districts and parents. Their plan would establish basic graduation requirements of a minimum GPA, minimum ACT if college-bound, and/or a professional/vocational certification. They are also the only ticket that has pledged to veto HB 512, Governor Kasich’s current bill that consolidates additional power in the governor’s office. Please remember that Mike DeWine’s running mate Jon Husted, as Speaker of the OH House, brought Common Core to Ohio by embracing “Race to the Top”. Fundamentally, we need champions to stand with parents against the over-reach of government, and it is clear that Mary and Nathan are the clear choice to do this.

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