Taylor vs. DeWine, by the issues: abortion/right to life

May 4, 2018

This entry is part of a series of guest posts on the governor’s race.  For the rest of the series, go to:

Taylor vs. DeWine: candidate comparison, by the issues (2018 Republican primary for Ohio governor)

On life, only Mary Taylor and Nathan Estruth have always been pro-life with no exceptions.  Mary was the only woman to co-sponsor a bill to ban abortion in Ohio, no exceptions.  Mary has said she would not only sign, but she would call for the Heartbeat bill.  While Mike DeWine has voted for some pro-life legislation, DeWine also voted for Sonia Sotomayor, Merrick Garland, and Eric Holder, and DeWine championed Judge Barrett, the Planned Parenthood judge who is the reason our tax dollars in Ohio still go to Planned Parenthood.

Mary Taylor is endorsed by the grassroots/local Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio, while Mike DeWine is endorsed by the Ohio Right to Life PAC.

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