Maybe It’s Secretly Ironic?

November 12, 2017

Starbucks: Recycling and "Landfill" trash literally go to the same place

Trash can at the entrance to a Cincinnati-area Starbucks.  I love that their trash-can lid meticulously does all the obligatory didactic virtue signaling—they have to get pushy and judgy with their customers to demonstrate adequate fealty to a pushy and judgy environmentalist culture—but then any idiot can literally see right through it, that the recycling and “landfill” trash literally all go to the same place.  Oops.

Or maybe the most cutting-edge way to signal how hip and ironic and aware they are is to offer this ordinary trash can as a meta-commentary mocking the whole idea of commercial virtue signaling?

4 Responses to “Maybe It’s Secretly Ironic?”

  1. Foxfier Says:

    *chuckles a little, then goes on*

    When that thing is used as intended, there’s two bags.

    Thought about it a little…and I know our recycling program required all paper stuff to not be “contaminated with food.”

    No way that’s happening at Starbucks. literally, their only paper is contaminated with food!

  2. Archon's Den Says:

    As a language-Nazi, I am irked by the containers which read “Waste.” I don’t want to ‘waste’ anything, but I’d fill a container marked ‘Trash,’ or even ‘Garbage,’ as long as I didn’t have to wash it first. ;) :razz:

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