The Narcissism of Transgenderism, in One Paragraph, by a Transgendered Person

April 2, 2017

A recent post by one of my left-leaning Facebook friends:

As I myself am a Visible Trans Person (whoa!), and it seems to be Trans Day of Visibility, I offer once again: Do you have a question you would like me to attempt to answer (about my gender, or gender in general, or…something else that’s on your mind)? If you post it here or PM me, I will (possibly!*) answer it!

*if I feel like it

I have nothing against her personally, and I’m sure she’s a very nice person, but—I think she’s already answered the important question loud and clear.

3 Responses to “The Narcissism of Transgenderism, in One Paragraph, by a Transgendered Person”

  1. Will S. Says:

    I have a question for she/he/it (or sheit):

    Seeing as we’ve gone from ‘transvestite’ to ‘cross-dresser’ to ‘trans-sexual’ to ‘transgendered’, what will be the next P.C. term once ‘transgendered’ falls out of fashion / favour with you supreme narcissists? (Since of course we don’t want to be called x-phobic / y-ist, doncha know…)

    Just wondering. (After all, we’ve gone from colored to negro to black to people of color to African-American, and if you use the wrong term you’re racist; we’ve gone from homosexual to queer to gay, and you’re homophobic if you use the wrong term, etc.)

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