Things You Hear on NPR: Everything Is Political, Comrade

November 27, 2016

Peter Sagal smirking with Democratic Donkey backgroundIn observance of the Thanksgiving holiday, yesterday’s Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me quiz show on NPR was a clip show, a parade of past guests, interspersed with host Peter Sagal joking (several times) that you can avoid unpleasant arguments about politics around the Thanksgiving dinner table by claiming that you’ve just been listening to these Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me celebrity interviews all year.

And then of course politics came up over and over again anyway: making fun of Sarah Palin, agreeing that Dick Cheney is scary and awful—one of the guests had even literally teamed up with President Obama to make fun of a Republican congressman, apparently.  Of the ones I listened to,* most of the guests’ interviews ended up getting into politics—and of course guests, host, and panelists were all on the same page, identifying with the same team, with the left and against the right.

I know there are still people out there who don’t want to believe it, but the news and entertainment media are overwhelmingly run by the left.  You don’t have to dig for evidence of it; if you listen, they’ll just tell you.


* Caveat:  I had other things to do and didn’t get to listen to the last interview, with NASCAR driver Matt Kenseth.  I can imagine it may have gotten interesting, and might complicate the thesis above.  But I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the count from this episode (these five episodes) is still at most one guest identifiably from a red-state subculture or with a voiced politically conservative point of view, versus three or four guests, the host, and all the rotating panelists all identifying with the “Blue” team.

Agree? Disagree? Thoughts?

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