Racism Still a Problem in America, Brought to You by—the Left

May 12, 2016

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So a white supremacist or “white nationalist” (wants a constitutional amendment making America white-only, banning all people except “non-Hispanic whites of the European race, in whom there is no ascertainable trace of Negro blood”) briefly became an official delegate of the Trump campaign.

If racism is going to start becoming more popular or mainstream now, I gotta get this off my chest:

At this point, the work of the left is a big part of why there’s still racism in America, and why it’s growing.

My position has always been the basic colorblind Republican ideal:  I want the government to treat us all as individuals, with equality before the law, regardless of color.  In my individual life, I want to love everyone, as a real live individual, regardless of color.  I want the culture of love and the culture of life and a similarly colorblind attitude to spread to every corner of our country.  As to the descriptive, I’m with Mark Steyn:  Culture is what matters.

But worldview and culture and individual behavior and public policy are complex; there aren’t only two options. The left pursues a vision that is expressly anti-racist, but that buys into a surprising amount of the same foundational assumptions or orientations as the racists.

Every time the left calls half the country “racist” over good-faith disagreements about public policy—or calls someone racist for laughing at “Engrish” or not liking Mexican food—it desensitizes people to charges of racism, dilutes the concept, and provides more cover for actual racists.

Every time the left—with, I don’t doubt, the best of intentions—tries (whether through lawsuits, regulations, statutes, or otherwise) to remedy past wrongs through racial quotas and tit-for-tat group scorekeeping, they perpetuate and exacerbate the same racial, group-identity thinking and zero-sum-game mindset that were part of the problem in the first place, and (whether it’s justified or fair or not, it’s in fact how the psychology plays out) create the potential for a whole new generation of racial resentments and grievances.

And every time the left reinforces the double standard whereby black Americans and Mexicans are encouraged to be “proud of their heritage” and adopt an expressly racial “nationalist” orientation, but white Americans are told that it would be The Worst Possible Sin for them to do so, some of the people on the receiving end of this new dispensation will start looking for alternative worldviews. And they won’t all choose mine.

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