National Review: Ted Cruz for President

April 5, 2016

Ted Cruz for President

National Review has endorsed Ted Cruz in the Republican primaries.  Excerpt:

He forthrightly defends religious liberty, the right to life of unborn children, and the role of marriage in connecting children to their parents — causes that reduce too many other Republicans to mumbling.

That forthrightness is worth emphasizing. Conservatism should not be merely combative; but especially in our political culture, it must be willing to be controversial. . . . Conservatives need not worry that Cruz will be tripped up by an interview question, or answer it with mindless conventional wisdom when a better answer is available.

(Click to read the rest.)

Not only is Cruz the best able to articulate conservative principles (and reframe the debate in their favor); remember also that Cruz was pro-wall back when Trump was a liberal Democrat, and talked like it.  Cruz is the consistent conservative; Trump was a liberal Democrat until the day before yesterday.

Agree? Disagree? Thoughts?

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