Cruz, Kasich, and Drumpf Virtually Tied Going into Ohio Primary

March 13, 2016

Tiny HandsThis is part of the problem with the Romney strategy.  He recommended that everyone vote for whichever non-Drumpf candidate is in the lead in each state according to surveys.  It sounds good in theory, but what if two candidates are tied in the polls, or nearly tied?

The most recent poll in Ohio puts all three contenders in a virtual tie: Drumpf 33%, Kasich 33, Cruz 27, margin of error 4.4 points.

Combine this with how wrong polls can be—recall that polling two and three days before election day in Kansas put Drumpf in the lead, 35% to Cruz’s 29%, but in the actual vote Cruz won 48.2% to Drumpf’s 23.3%—and there’s a strong argument for simply choosing Cruz, regardless of what state you’re in.

Current delegate counts:
Cruz 370
Rubio 163
Kasich 63

Number of states won:
Cruz 7
Rubio 1 (depending on what you count—at most 3 jurisdictions)
Kasich 0, zero

One of these men has a chance to beat Drumpf, and it’s not Kasich.

Choose Cruz, Ohio!

Agree? Disagree? Thoughts?

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