Vote Strategically in Ohio: Vote for Ted Cruz

March 12, 2016

Mitt Romney and others have urged us (anti-Trump Republican primary voters) to “vote strategically”: by voting for Rubio in Florida, Kasich in Ohio, and whoever is polling highest in each state before election day in that state.

But John Kasich is already a big part of the reason that Drumpf has won as many states as he has.

Arkansas primary results:
Drumpf 32.8%
Cruz 30.5%
Kasich 3.7%

Drumpf 35.9%
Cruz 31.6%
Kasich 14.4%

Drumpf 41.4%
Cruz 37.8%
Kasich 6.4%

Kasich has no plausible path to a majority of delegates at this point. He has not won a single state.  The current delegate count is Drumpf 459, Cruz 360, Rubio 152, Kasich 54.  Even Kasich says he will drop out of the race if he doesn’t win Ohio.

Therefore, if you vote for Kasich in Ohio, you are voting for Kasich to stay in the race.  In other words, if you vote for Kasich in Ohio, you are voting for Kasich to continue playing the spoiler in other states, splitting the anti-Trump vote and ensuring that Drumpf will win more states.  Don’t vote to keep feeding Kasich’s ego; vote to stop Trump!

If we don’t, John Kasich will be part of the reason we get eight years of Drumpf, or eight years of Hillary Clinton.

Yes, Vote Strategically in Ohio:  Vote for Ted Cruz.

2 Responses to “Vote Strategically in Ohio: Vote for Ted Cruz”

  1. Snoodickle Says:

    If Republican voters had any sense, Kasich would be the nominee, who I believe would easily handle Hillary Clinton in the general election. She will beat either Trump or Cruz.

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