Cruz Gaining on Drumpf

March 7, 2016

Trump Melting Down.png

Some are saying that Donald Trump, a. k. a. Drumpf, is unstoppable.  They say that Romney’s well-reasoned and well-articulated case against Drumpf and Drumpf’s failure to denounce the KKK make no difference.

Well, something’s making a difference!

David French reminds us that when Rubio and Cruz adapted their tactics and started fighting Drumpf where he’s strongest, he was surprisingly weak.  (“Together, they demonstrated a truth that some of us have long known — there is nothing to fear from Trump.”)  Meanwhile Charles Cooke points out that it’s a little early to give up now!

After all, while 880 delegates have already been awarded in the Republican primaries to date, there are still 1,592 to go.  And the direction is not trending in Trump’s favor.  (“As Henry Enten of FiveThirtyEight pointed out, Trump won 35 percent of the vote in Super Tuesday primaries on March 1 and only 33 percent in Saturday’s contests in Maine, Kansas, Louisiana, and Kentucky.”)

Saturday (March 5th) was the worst day for Drumpf since the Iowa caucuses; he lost two out of the four states on Saturday to Ted Cruz.

In Kansas, the last poll taken before voting (poll taken March 2nd and 3rd) pointed to a Trump win, 35% to Cruz’s 29%; on election day (March 5th), Cruz won in a blowout, with more than twice Drumpf’s votes, 48.2% to 23.3%.

Maine was another anti-Drumpf landslide: 45.9% for Cruz, only 32.6% for Drumpf.

Meanwhile the two states that Drumpf did win Saturday were so close that Cruz got almost as many delegates out of them as Drumpf did (see results from Kentucky, Louisiana).

In other words, attribute it to his inability to come up with an opinion when asked about the KKK (correct answer: It’s bad!); attribute it to Romney’s well-reasoned and well-articulated case against supporting Trump; attribute it to the fact that Trump has been exposed as a buffoon and an insecure loser in the last two debates; attribute it to a combination of all of the above and more—whatever the reason, Trump is slipping.  David French goes so far as to say that “Donald Trump Is Melting Down”.

At the very least, after Saturday’s primaries, the delegate gap has narrowed:  It’s now Trump 384, Cruz 300 (Rubio 151).  We fight on!

One Response to “Cruz Gaining on Drumpf”

  1. Will S. Says:

    The biggest problem with Romney’s case against Trump, is the person making it.

    Pot, meet kettle?

    Anyway, fight on, indeed. I’d not mind seeing Cruz overtake Trump, because Cruz is also not an establishment candidate; the establishment badly wanted anybody other than either Trump nor Cruz, but couldn’t make up their mind amongst the pack. Now it’s too late to pick a horse to get behind. One way or another, somebody the elites hate is going to win. And it’s about bloody time.

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