‘Old theory: Trump is erratic. New theory: Trump is bananas.

February 5, 2016

Fresh-caught king mackerelGreat short piece at Hot Air about Donald Trump, who continues to flip-flop like a fresh-caught mackerel.  Sample:

The really weird part of this, though, is that he’s backing off the personal attacks on Cruz too, not just the fraud claim. How can you say you’ve always liked a guy whom you’ve been calling nasty, corrupt, cronyist, a hypocrite, a “total liar,” and someone whom no one likes once they get to know him?

Read the whole thing.  These are political maneuverings rather than positions on substantive policy issues, but Trump echoes this style at every level.  So this list of reversals (so total, in such quick succession, with so little plausible explanation) is as good an example as any of why I’ve always had trouble understanding why anyone takes Donald Trump seriously in politics.

The Hot Air piece is commenting on this great short piece at Red State: “Is Trump sane?”  After pointing out some of the similarity between Trump’s truth-no-object, forget-yesterday proclamations and the Orwellian propaganda of the Soviet Union, the author observes,

But here’s what we already know about Trump:

1. He is a megalomaniac. . . .

2. He is a narcissist. . . .

And a person who believes he is the brightest bulb in the room; who knows it all, who thinks everyone else is an idiot..that person is not fit to be president.

4 Responses to “‘Old theory: Trump is erratic. New theory: Trump is bananas.’”

  1. Tricia Says:

    Very good post.! It seems we already have a a megalomaniac, narcissist, President in office who thinks the country is a bag of idiots…why on God’s green earth would we think of electing another such person? ;)

  2. […] Caveat:  For purposes of this chart, I assumed that we can take Trump’s most recent stated positions at face value (even though arguably he says whatever he thinks is to his advantage at any given time, which changes from year to year or even from week to week). […]

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