Donald Trump as Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes

December 22, 2015

You're not great! You're the most conceited blowhard I've ever met!

Mashable explains the concept of “Donald and Hobbes”, a Reddit page dedicated to contributors’ incisive and humorous Photoshops of Donald Trump as Calvin in Calvin & Hobbes.

Many of them are surprisingly apt (and many of the rest are still pretty funny).  There’s even one where he asks a Ouija board whether he’ll be president one day:

O great Ouija board, will I grow up to be president?

Others cover Trump’s attention-seeking behavior, his unfamiliarity with the Constitution (e.g., his proposal to enact the death penalty for cop killers by executive order; Jim Geraghty: “The current GOP presidential front-runner rarely uses the words ‘freedom’ or ‘liberty’ in his remarks at all”), his ever-changing positions and notable lack of principleshis cartoonishly negative campaign, his strange habit of bragging about how rich he isgreed itselfand, of course, his ridiculous penchant for assuring people that he is awesome.

This one would be perfect, if it were plausible that Trump prays.

Finally, this one humorously anticipates his fans’ disappointment when (if?) they finally figure out that he was just in it for his own self-aggrandizement all along, while this one anticipates Trump’s disappointment when (if?) he figures out that the world doesn’t revolve around him.

Guest appearance by Jeb Bush!  Funny and spot on.

Hat tip to Jonah Goldberg.

Meanwhile Jim Geraghty has the latest round-up of Trump’s ego issues.

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